French Kids Eat Everything

French Kids Eat Everything

August 4, 2022

French Kids Eat Everything is an exciting book that explores the French approach to mealtime with children. The author, Karen Le Billon, details her own experiences raising her children in France and how the family schedule revolves around meals.

One of the book’s most interesting aspects is how the parents schedule meals and how the kids eat what the adults eat. In France, it is not uncommon for families to sit down together for a meal and everyone eats the same thing. A sense of togetherness and community at mealtime is often lacking in American households. Le Billon also stresses the importance of not using food as a reward, punishment, or bribe. In France, food is seen as nourishment and not something to be used as a tool to manipulate behavior. I think this is a valuable lesson for parents to learn.

Another interesting point that Le Billon makes is that kids are okay to feel hungry between meals. In France, snacks are not as typical as in America, and children are used to feeling a little hungry before the next meal. This teaches them patience and helps them to appreciate food more. Overall, I found French Kids Eat Everything to be an eye-opening look at the French approach to food and child-rearing. I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about another culture or who wants to get some new ideas about how to approach mealtime with their kids.

Happy reading!!