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Red Dots Math flashcards - Glenn Doman

Red Dots Math flashcards - Glenn Doman

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Play and teach your baby or toddler math using this easy-to-print set of red dot flashcards.

Glenn Doman offers a universal recipe for teaching very young children using flashcards. The method taps into the enormous potential of a very young child by encouraging you to begin as early as possible.
In his method, Doman used flashcards with red dots. These cards were shown to the child for a short time, but many times a day. Gradually, the number of cards increased, and little ones learned!

I made these cards to teach my baby; we love the experience. We hope this can help you and your baby have fun and do some simple math.

What is on the files?

  • 100 pages with red dots
  • 100 pages with red dots + tiny gray numbers at the bottom (see forth pic)
  • 100 pages with red numbers plus math signs: + - * <= >= = 
  • 100 pages with black numbers plus math signs:  + - * <= >= = 

 What will you receive?

  • 4 High-resolution PDF files letter-size - 8.5 in x 11 in
  • Dots Size: 1.4cm (print on a letter-size paper to 100% percent)


No physical item will be shipped. This listing is for a digital download 

- This material is for personal use only. Alter, sell, share, or email digital file copies are prohibited.

Colors may vary depending on your screen and printer.

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