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Red Word cards - Glenn Doman

Red Word cards - Glenn Doman

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Teach your baby or toddler to read using this easy-to-print set of red words flashcards.

Glenn Doman offers a universal recipe for teaching very young kids to read. In his method, Doman used flashcards with red words. The cards are displayed to a kid for a short period several times a day, and gradually, the number of cards increases and little ones learn!

More about how to use this method

I made these cards to teach my toddler to read, and we love the experience. We hope that this can help you and your baby to have fun.

The cards are perfect to start the reading program. All the labels are editable to quickly jump to the second stage and make yours on sentences.

This pack has four pdf with 385 words, more an extra PDF with 25 blank spaces; you can create your own words in other languages.

What is on the files?

  • 4 pdf 
  • 387 words
  • 25 extra editable labels

 What will you receive?

  • High-resolution PDF file letter size - 8.5 in x 11 in
  • Two words per page
  • Editable labels



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